Online Dating Tips – Search For Singles SAFELY Online


The following are some basic, common sense safety tips to keep in mind when dating online. Follow these tips, and you should be perfectly fine and be able to enjoy all the benefits online dating has to offer.

Take the following safety precautions, and you’ll make absolutely sure that you are not doing anything that could be dangerous.

o Do not, under any circumstance reveal any personally identifiable information in your online dating profile, in your personal ads, or in your private e-mails to singles.

Such information includes your real name, specifics about where you live (“I live in London” is ok, though) or any other info that could be used maliciously or simply without your consent.

o Use only the communications tools provided by your dating service. They now offer private e-mail, chat, and even instant messaging. You should not invite singles to e-mail you at your regular address, at least until you get to know them better. Use your judgement here.

o When you e-mail singles in private, you may want to consider using an anonymous e-mail account at a free site such as Hotmail or Yahoo when you begin getting to know new people. Take your time to establish communication and move at your own pace.

o Be careful with your signatures. Many of us use multiple signature lines for our personal and business e-mail correspondence that include our phone numbers and addresses. Obviously you’ll want to leave this information out when first contacting any singles you meet through the personals.

Your best option might be opening an entirely new free e-mail account, to use just for your communications with singles you meet online.

o Remember, you’re in control. No one should ever pressure you into revealing anything about yourself that you want to keep private. Anyone who does is not respecting your boundaries, and is probably not worth contacting further.

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Men’s Online Dating Email Tips! Triple Your Dating!

Author of ‘How to Meet Women on the Internet’

Dear friend,

Have you been dating online and are frustrated with poor responses to your emails?
Or even worse, women not replying to your first emails at all? This is enough to make you give up isn’t it? Especially if you are recently divorced, split up and single. I know the feeling and have been there and felt the pain.

Well, I have good news for you because in this article I am giving away extremely valuable information for free. If you follow the steps I’m about to outline, you will have a
lot of success with online dating. These online dating tips will triple your response and dates on the internet dating sites. Let’s have a look at them. These tips are specific to the FIRST contact email.

Email Tip #One

You must state at the beginning of your email
that her profile stands out. E.g.
‘Hi Angel64, I’m Mick and I’m writing as you sound interesting to me and your profile stands out from the others.’ Then mention a few sentences of what you liked…without gushing or sucking up of course.
This will obviously please the lady and create her own interest in you. She will feel special and rightly so as you have chosen to contact her. She is the lucky one to get your attention.

Email Tip #Two

Be sure to mention and lightheartedly poke fun of something in her profile. E.g.
‘Do you really like Neil Diamond and ABBA?’
:-] [Just kidding]
Always put a smiley or [just kidding] in brackets so as not to offend. This says you are playful and not a soft guy that’s afraid to have some fun. She’ll appreciate your effort.

Email Tip #Three

Mention something specific in her profile that you found interesting. E.g.
‘So you worked in London for 12 months, I was there for two years…when were you there?’
This proves to her you have read her profile in
detail and have something in common. This creates repore and her interest immediately.

Email Tip #Four

Ask something of interest about her. E.g.
‘You said you do dance lessons, what style…is it salsa? How often do you get out to dance…I like the club down on East esplanade on Friday nights. They have a great Latin band and free lessons from 7pm until 8pm.’
This gives her a specific question to reply to.
Avoid questions that are mundane and common like, ‘What’s your favorite colour?’
Pick something she’s mentioned on her profile and ask her details on that…

Email Tip #Five

These tips are in sequence. Finish up and keep it brief. Four or Five paragraphs is enough. Don’t go on about yourself and spill your guts to her. Finish with a line that says something like this…
‘Why don’t we chat on the phone for a while and get to know each other. It saves time writing long emails… Here’s my number, Mick
02 47476534. I’m home after 6.30 and you’ll catch me in some time. Or here is my cell phone # 098975643.

Look forward to your reply…

Take care Angel64


There you have it. These are very helpful and valuable tips that will save you time, money and heartache… You will definitely get THREE times the replies and dates by using these tips!
Good Luck.

All the best.
Mick Jones.

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Want to Be Successful at Friends Dating? – Top Online Dating Tips and Techniques for Single People

The online dating industry for singles is booming and scores and scores of lonely single men and women are signing up to dating websites each week looking for new dates, friends dating and in many cases just to improve their social life.

Furthermore over the last few years with the advent of social media and new mobile platforms online dating for singles has become far more versatile and accessible. For example did you know that the majority of popular dating web sites are now fully compatible with the latest smart phones and tablets?

These exciting technological changes and advances revolutionise friends dating and the way singles from all walks of life can interact with new people or dates that they meet via a singles web site. So in light of these changes and improvements let us examine in detail how we may utilise a number of proven dating tips and techniques to be more successful at friends dating.

Proven Online Dating Techniques for Friends Dating

Dating web sites, whatever the niche tend to fall into a number of service categories; they are either running empty with few members or are overgrown with so many single member profiles that it makes choosing a prospective partner exceedingly difficult indeed.

To make matters far worse some dating web sites are full of out dated member profiles that either haven’t logged in for months (or years) or offer minimal information, no pictures and hardly any text. Remember that your singles profile on a friends dating web site is your opportunity to sell yourself to other interested singles looking to find a date near you.

Build a Proper Singles Dating Profile – The Most Important Technique for Singles Looking for Love

One of the best techniques that you can employ to be successful at Internet dating is to ensure that your member profile is bursting with useful information. Use photos and video to expand your description and spend time on the text, describe your likes and dislikes, your personality and what kind of single friend or date you hope to meet.

The majority of mainstream online dating web sites will offer this basic dating feature on their web site so be certain to take advantage of profile building to boost your presence. A well thought out member profile is one of the most imortant steps that you can take to become successful at online dating, meet new people and friends and ultimately find the relationship you desire and deserve.

Treat Friends, Other Singles and Potential Dates With Respect

Treat other singles looking for love and romance with respect at all times, the whole dating online experience can enable people with false sense of bravado, after all it is easy to feel more confident than normal in your own home when hidden behind the privacy of a personal computer.

Never make assumptions about people who you have never met and always be polite when talking to other singles. Do not divulge personal information to strangers, remember that a person that you are chatting to on a dating web site may not be all what they say they are; is their profile and picture real, do they really live where they say that they do? These are all questions you should be thinking when you are forming the early stages of a relationship.

Ensure Your First Date is a Safe Dating Experience – Meet New Singles in a Public Place

Singles date all over the country in major cities such as London, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham and Liverpool, never arrange to meet a new date for the first time somewhere that you do not feel safe. Public places are always safest. Most people are who they say that they are but you can never be to careful when meeting new people for the first time.

The Best Places to Visit for Friends Dating

Until you know more about a person that you have met on a singles web site consider meeting people who you find attractive in a bar or restaurant, just go for a morning coffee or for a walk in a public place. Your goal is to relax and to allow your companion the chance to relax also. For a real date to have potential you need to be able to talk freely without inhibition.

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